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Aye, my friend. These are great times we're living. The secrets of the vast world we call Xanadu are dawning to our knowledge as great explorers set to sea. These brave men risk their lives and sanity in the altar of science. Thus far only a part of this world has been made known to us, but what we have learned I have drawn on this map. The uncharted areas of the two other continents, Alajuela and Atuan I left intentionally gray, for by time this gray veil of unknown shall be lifted from these lands as they are brought to the light of civilization. Even as I speak, brave souls sail up the obscure rivers, either to find fame and fortune or oblivion in the hands of strange, uncivilized brutes. But people, good people, explore the world whilst there still is something left to explore. Knowledge in the light of science is a blessing but also a bane for it makes the life less exciting.

Dukat the Mapmaker
24th of Shamemonth, year 16


A long time has passed since the map was last updated, and interesting happenings have been within us. Fifty years after the great war, the elves have again dared to start building their fine city to the continent of Civilia. Now their forest can be found in the northen part of the continent. Then, about one hundred years after the war the catfolk people and gnomes have also ventured into the continent, having their establishment in the southern from the lands of humans.

This concluding, the continent of Civilia now has total six glorious cities for the adventurous mind to travel to.

Dukat the Mapmapker 11th of Devion, year 158


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