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Accuracy Acid knowledge Alchemy
Alcohol tolerance Alleviate agony Anatomy
Appraise Arcane lore Archery
Arctic lore Art of zombiology Asphyxiation knowledge
Assess acid damage Assess asphyxiation damage Assess blood
Assess electric damage Assess fire damage Assess physical damage
Attack Aura lore Aura presence
Avoid hits Axe handling Axes
Backstab Barbaric rage Bash
Battle chant Bite Black lore
Blade rage Blood lore Bloodlust
Bludgeons Brewing Butchery
Calm tribesman Carving Cauterize wounds
Ceremony Ceremony of inner strength Channel power
Chaos mastery Chop Cleave
Clumsy weapons Cold knowledge Combat casting
Combat mastery Combat provocation Combat reflexes
Combat strategy Combat techniques Compare weapons
Consider Corrosion knowledge Cover
Crippling strike Daggers Damned ritual of souls
Defensive knowledge Digging Disguise
Distract Dodge Dragon power
Dragon style Dream lore Dreamers presence
Druidic lore Dwarven prudence Electric knowledge
Elemental fury Elven combat song Empower criticals
Enchantment knowledge Endurance of mountain Enhance criticals
Enhanced thrust Essence eye Essence of grace
Essence of metal Evade Evaluate corpse
Excellent combat techniques Extend life Faith
Fast blow Fiery lore Fire knowledge
First aid Fists of fury Fists of power
Fletchery Focus mana Glyph control
Glyph handling Glyph healing Glyph lore
Great force finagle Hammer Hand of thieves
Headbutt Healing ceremony Healing knowledge
Heart seeker Herb lore Herb mixing
Hide Holy rage Home sickness
Hymn of dragons Illusion knowledge Impale
Increase resistance Kick Knowledge of artifacts
Knowledge of auras Knowledge of dark magic Knowledge of dreams
Kung fu Leather craft Literature
Locate undeads Lock picking Lore of elements
Lore of magic Lore of true healing Make bandages
Make campfire Mana economy Many handed weapons
Marksmanship Martial arts Mastery of acid
Mastery of acrobatics Mastery of alchemy Mastery of asphyxiation
Mastery of assassination Mastery of assessment Mastery of auras
Mastery of battlemagics Mastery of cold Mastery of dreams
Mastery of electric Mastery of enchantment Mastery of exorcism
Mastery of fire Mastery of healing Mastery of illusion
Mastery of lifeforce Mastery of magic Mastery of magical symbols
Mastery of martial arts Mastery of metallurgy Mastery of mind
Mastery of minerals Mastery of neonblade Mastery of pain
Mastery of physics Mastery of protection Mastery of regeneration
Mastery of relics Mastery of segregation Mastery of style
Mastery of wreathing Mathematics Meat handling
Medicine Metal lore Mind clarity
Mineral lore Multiattack Muscle control
Mystic knowledge Neon assault Neon knowledge
Neon lore Offensive maneuvers Offensive orientation
One handed weapons Optimize movement Palm object
Parry Party leadership Phantasmal mastery
Philosophy Physical knowledge Plant lore
Plea for health Poison knowledge Poison mixing
Polearms Power kick Prayer knowledge
Prayer of health Prayer of life Protection knowledge
Psionic knowledge Pummel Quick chant
Quick shot Rage Regeneration knowledge
Relic lore Riding Riposte
Ritual of light Rune drawing Savagery
Score criticals Skill that spends xp Skinning
Slash Slashing weapons Smash
Spiritual healing Spread spores Staves
Stealth Storming blades Strangle
Strength of stone Strike Stun
Stunning blow Suffocation knowledge Summon mastery
Summoning rituals Surge of power Swimming
Swords Tear Teleportation knowledge
Test cover Throw Thrust
Thunder knowledge Torch creation Total dedication
Toxicology Tracking Trance of combat
Tribal challenge Turn undead Two handed weapons
Undead lore Unusual toughness Volcanic knowledge
Wardancing Water masteries Ways of darkness
Whack Whirl blades Whirling blade
Wolf eyes Wolf style Woven mist
Wreathe magic
Celestian language Dwarven language Elven language
Orcish language

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