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Aberrant mind Acid burn Arrow
Auric volley Ball lightning Black chant
Black doom Black rain Blast
Blazing bane Blindness Blizzard
Bolt Burning hands Call lightning
Cause light wounds Cause serious wounds Chain lightning
Chaos bolt Chemical agony Cloud
Cloud of poison Confusion Corrupt
Corrupt body Crush Darkeye
Detonate Divine terror Drain blood
Earth spores Elemental spray Erode
Fingers of lightning Fireball Flames of khuzdul
Flare Flash Forget
Freeze Frost arrow Fury of dragons
Golden void Grenade Hammer of rahaz-dum
Harm Hellfire Hemorrhage
Horn of fire Horn of power Ice storm
Ignite Incinerate Intone evil
Lightning bolt Maelstorm Meteor swarm
Mindwarp Missile Mist of nether
Neonstorm Nether doom Nether wind
Nightmare Noetic spiral flux Paralyze
Petrify Physical pressure Poison
Poison bolt Purify Purple haze
Rage of sigin-tarad Rage of sigin tarad Ray
Ray of light Release essence Righteous fury
Scorch Shock Spark
Spear of light Sphere Sting of pain
Stone rain Storm Storm of wailing blades
Stream of energy Stream of water Suffocate
Summon storm Summon void Sunburst
Tempest of elements Terror Thunder of azanul
Thunderstorm Timestop Twisted blood
Vacuum Vengeance of rahaz-dum Vortex of magic
Warp metal Wrath of mizil-nagul
Adamantium will Aura of blessing Aura of energy
Blessing of barak-dur Dark enchantment Divine aura
Dream of ages Dream of agility Dream of ferocity
Dream of intelligence Dream of vitality Dream of wisdom
Enchant arrow Enchant arrows Enchant weapon
Haste Increase attack Mana link
Mental boost Night vision Power coordination
Power rage Prayer Providence of barak-dur
Store energy Strength Strut
Absorb metal Analyze target Animate golem
Animate zombie Banshee weapon Bearing of steel
Bless water Blessing of forefathers Bygone splendour
Casing of steel Command zombie Convert symbol
Create flask Create food Create medicine
Create potion Cremate Curse
Damage analysis Darkness Defusion
Destroy zombie Detect magic Estimate worth
Feather weight Floating disc Floating fire
Floating letters Generate symbol Glance
Hand of decay Heavy weight Identify
Infusion Interpret essence Invisibility
Lesser conversion Light Make gold
Mana plague Mass resonate Merging
Metallurgy Mind probe Name zombie
Ornament of olden times Possess zombie Preserve corpse
Probe Release essence Resonate
Sex change Shadow door Shadow form
Shatter Storm of wailing blades Summon ancestral armour
Summon golem Summon neonblade Summon staff
Tempest of shattering Transmute metal Unite corpses
Where Wish of past Word of uncreation
Wrath of bones
Aura of healing Ball of water Cure blindness
Cure critical wounds Cure disease Cure light wounds
Cure paralysis Cure poison Cure serious wounds
Dream of life Dream of magic Half heal
Hand of decay Harmonizing power Heal
Heal all Heal body Heal self
Heal wounds Heal zombie Healing energy
Healing hand Healing water Recover energy
Regeneration Reincarnation Restore limb
Resurrect Soothing touch Stir
True heal Unholy prayer
Acid disturbance Ankhegs aura Armor of faith
Armour Asphyxiation disturbance Aura of protection
Barrier field Bearing of steel Casing of steel
Chitin skin Coat of diamonds Cold disturbance
Collar of essence Cracking skin Detonate
Divine barrier Dragons aura Earthskin
Electric disturbance Elemental aura Field of light
Fire disturbance Flayers aura Frostys aura
Giants aura Harden body water Iron skin
Mind of steel Mirror image Nether shielding
Old barrier field Patronage of brass Physical disturbance
Poison disturbance Protection Protection from cold
Protection from fire Protective mist Providence of barak-dur
Psi shield Psionic disturbance Rotten vapors
Sanctuary Scorpions aura Shield of wind
Shroud of mind Spatial warp Steel jacket
Strands of protection Telekinetic shield Titanium core
Tritons aura Unholy shield Unstun
Vengeance of rahaz-dum Water walking Zeuss aura
Banish Beacon Call arch devil
Call greater demon Call lesser demon Gateway of barak-dur
Portal of magic Relocate Summon
Summon zombie Teleport

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