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A few words from CEO

Getting started in Delphine is fairly easy. The mud in general has a pretty good atmosphere, player killing is rare and roleplaying is encouraged. Most of the players and wizards gladly help a newbie with his/her problems if you ask politely. If you need such help, you should ask mortals (players) before turning to immortals (wizards), as they are propably busy coding new stuff to the MUD for you to enjoy. To communicate in the MUD, learn the use of channels and say, whisper, yell, the emotes and tell commands. Also remember the 'help' command.

A few things about the game

  • To advance levels and train skills/study spells you need experience points or exp for short. You get it by killing monsters or exploring. In the beginning you can kill squirrels, bunnies and such little critters, but a better idea is to explore areas and towns a bit first, and advance some levels first. As you get more levels and skills, you can kill bigger monsters without getting your ass kicked.
  • Player killing gives you only problems, especially if the player you're killing is of lower level than you, or he/she is of the same race as you.
  • A good way to get money is by selling the equipment you've looted from the corpses of your victims to the shops.
  • Use the newbie or mud channels to ask questions about the game.
  • Cheating can get you banned from the mud or your character can be removed. Report any bugs you find.
  • Have fun. :)

Guilds & advancing

When you have completed your character creation you'll end up in adventurer's guild (orcs start from their temple) which, depending on the race you've selected is in some of the towns in the realm.

In adventurer's guild you should advance some levels after you've gained sufficient exp to do it. After you advance a level in adventurer's guild you can put it to good use by advancing in some of the professions.

There is navigator in the human city adventurer's guild. He will help you to get to the guild you want to. The guilds are roughly separated to warrior, religious and magic guilds. It's easiest to start the game as a warrior. Feel free to try out different races and profession combos, as the reincarnation is completely free for you in the beginning. This can be done in human and orc city adventurer guilds. There are also guilds where navigator cannot take you, but they usually require much experience to be useful, so you don't have to worry about them just yet.

Skills & Spells

You will have to join a guild to get skills and/or spells to get by. Assuming that you chose human, catfolk, neanderthal or elf and you're sitting in adv-guild wondering what to do, go east, to the navigator and simply say to what guild do you want to go (warrior,religious or magic respectively). If you chose some other race, for example orc or dwarf, you'll just have to find your way around your race's own settlement.

Once you are in the guild you can 'advance' levels and 'train'/'study' skills/spells. If you are a caster, start with something modest, like missile or some other tiny spell, and try to get it as good as you possibly can. If you are a fighter it doesn't really matter how you start, but try to improve your offensive skills, especially attack.

Using of skills and spells :

'use' is the command to use skills and to use spells, you have to
'cast' them. Also notify that some of the skills are automatically in use, like attack. You can get some information about skill by typing 'help skill attack' for example, for spell helps you type 'help spell missile'.

Examples for using skills and casting spells:

use 'appraise' dagger
cast 'missile' bunny
cast missile at bunny
cast 'cold missile' frog

Channels & communication

Channels are for communicating with people. You can join channels by typing 'channels join mud' or 'on mud' and 'off mud' or 'channels leave mud' respectively. If you have something to tell type the channels name and the message, for example 'mud hello mud!'. This would look something like:

             Newbie [mud]: hello mud!

Mud-channel is for general talk and there are some special channels for different purposes (fin for finnish folks and sales for cheating people out of their possessions etc.). For a complete listing of channel commands do 'help channels'.

If you just want to tell somebody something type 'tell player ' or if you want to tell to multiple recipients type 'tell player2,player3,playere4 '. You can also 'reply' to the last message told to you, or 'mistell' if you told wrong.

Channel messages and tells are visible to everyone anywhere in the mud. There are also the usual say, whisper and shout medias too, which can be heard only by the people who are in the same room with you.


Some monsters are tough to kill and you need some friends with you to do it. Then you just create party and go kick some ass in group. :) See 'help party' for more information how to do that.


When you die, your spirit escapes your body and you become insubstantial which limits your communicational capabilities to only ghost-channel and whisper and also makes you useless in every other way (known fact). You can ask for resurrection in ghost-channel or pray in church. The first takes 1/3 of the experience points you're currently carrying and the latter 2/3. But do remember, dying is only half the fun!


At some point it is due to happen, you will become bored of your life as it is and choose to reincarnate. This is still pretty easy, for the mud is in development and players are allowed to test stuff thoroughly. You can ask someone to cast reinc at you or you can just go to human or orc adv-guild, find the reincarnation room and type 'yes_i_really_want_to_reinc', this takes no exp and you can wear your equipment through the process.


Besides making experience, money, fame and such, there are quests for you to do. You can get started on quests by asking Semiramius, the human city mayor.

The Cities

(CS is the human city's central square)

  • The Orcish T'urkk is 10 n, 20 w, 20 w, 14 w from CS.
  • Dwarven city is 14 s, 3 sw, 20 se, 10 s, 10 sw, 10 w, 20 sw, 20 se, s from CS.
  • Silvan home (the elven village) is 20 n, 20 n, 19 n, 2 e from CS.
  • Gnomish city of Nibbleton 20 s, 2 s, 20 se, 20 se, 12 s, 7 e, n from CS.

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